Crystals are magical things that sparkle and shine and attract our attention.

You probably have some, but didn’t know what to do with them, so they sit dusty and unused on a shelf.


You may even have bought some books on crystals and thought that that would help, but they are confusing, and often focused on complicated grids with many crystals that you don’t have.


Does that sound familiar?

How would you like to learn about crystals without getting overwhelmed or confused?

In this simple course - Crystal Workshop for Beginners - you will

  •  Learn how to cleanse your crystals 

  • How to re-charge them 

  • How to program them

  • Learn simple, fun ways to use them effectively


I was the same for many years. My collection began to grow as I found crystals that I couldn’t leave in the shops. I didn’t know what to do with them so they were just treasured objects on my shelf.


In 2001 I trained as a Crystal healing Therapist and learned a huge amount about crystals and how to use them for healing. That really opened my eyes and now I want to help you get to love them too.


If you have crystals sitting around that you want to dust off and do more with, this workshop is for you - to get you started on your exploration.

The workshop is over 3 modules with associated videos.


"I have recently done the online Crystal Workshop for Beginners by Jan Brown and this was the perfect course for me to find out more about how to work with and use my crystals.  Jan explained the different crystals and what they were for and showed us some of her beautiful collection. She talked us through how to use them to balance and clear out chakras as well as working with a grid.  It was informative and at the perfect pace and has certainly interested me in finding our more. All of the course information emailed beforehand took us through each module and what  was being taught. Thank you Jan I really enjoyed this course and for anyone who wants to find out more about crystals then I would highly recommend a course with Jan." Marion M

Module 1 takes you through 

  • Choosing your crystals 

  • Cleansing your crystals

  • Recharging your crystals

  • Programming your crystals 

  • Quartz crystals


Module 2 looks at 


  • Chakra crystals 

  • Properties of the main chakra crystals

  • Chakra balancing


Module 3 teaches you

  • Working with your crystals

  • Mediating with your crystals 

  • How to set up a simple 3 crystal grid


“I decided to join Jan’s Crystal workshop as I have always had a fascination with crystals, but had very little knowledge of all the different ones around and how they can help people. Jan was excellent in explaining the healing properties of each crystal and taught us how we may all benefit from using them, to help ourselves and other people.  I really enjoyed the course and discovered lots of interesting facts about them. Jan also kindly sent some useful notes and video’s of the course to refer to.  I would highly recommend doing her course.” Philly E.


The introductory price for this workshop is just £20! Normally £47

Why make the workshop so simple? •


  • You are not overwhelmed by masses of information •

  • Simple instructions mean easy to follow •

  • It gets you started having fun with your crystals

Bonus - Downloadable Crystal Cave meditation