Reiki is such a weird and wonderful energy that sometimes you think you might just be imagining it.

If that is how you feel, then having someone who understands you, to talk to, is invaluable.

It's so simple, but at the same time confusing, and if you don't have someone to ask about what's happening, you begin to doubt yourself.


Once you have left the Reiki class and started practicing self-treatments and possibly treating others, the questions come.

  • Am I doing it right?

  • Why does it feel like this?

  • Or even, why can’t I feel anything now when I could in class?

The more you worry the worse it gets until you begin to think that you can’t do Reiki or that you weren’t taught properly.

I was just the same.


I was enthusiastic but felt unready to go out there and offer it to others. I gave away treatments to anyone who would lie down on the massage table – just to get some practice. And I questioned myself time and again about was I doing it right.


Perhaps you are new to energy work and you are unsure about the effects the massive shift in energy is having on you.

  • Your life is turned upsides down

  • Everything you thought you could rely on feels unreal

  • Emotions are unpredictable


Fortunately, I had someone who I could turn to and she answered my many questions.

What if you don’t have that person, and you are struggling with the unexpected turmoil in your life since doing Reiki?

This is supposed to be a healing balancing energy and you don’t feel balanced at all. Your whole world is upsides down.


This is a growth phase my dear, and it happens every time you raise your energy to the next level.

I understand because I have been through many of them.


If you don't have support, or have lost touch with your master, then there is a solution.


No matter whether you are a master, or a first level Reiki student, you can benefit from mentoring.

Mentoring is an ongoing 1 to 1 coaching relationship between you and me, in which I will guide and support you, in both practical and energetic ways.


Mentoring will provide you with

  • Weekly calls for questions and answers

  • Energetic support while you integrate the work

  • Simple exercises to connect with the energy


Mentoring is a three-month package that can be extended by mutual agreement.


Firstly, book a call with me to see whether we are a good fit energetically, and what your needs are. I’ll tell you if I don’t think I can help you.

I don’t want you to think that this is a quick fix. Oh no – you must do the work, to get the best out of working with me.


So, if you are ethical, committed to your growth and have an open mind, then you may be the right person for this. Let’s talk and we can find out if you are.


The three-month package has

  • 1 call per week for 12 weeks

  • Exercises

  • Energetic support

  • Practical help when needed


Calls are made on zoom and you will be sent the link each week with a link to the replay so you can review it to take notes.

And the cost of this is £1495.

So, are you ready to get the help you need?


  • To have someone walk beside you and guide you through the quandaries and quagmire that you are in just now?

  • Are you ready to invest in learning more about yourself and your relationship with Reiki – to find out how to make it work in your life?

Maybe you are thinking this is a lot more than your Reiki classes - and there is a reason for this.


  • You will be getting individual tuition from a Reiki Master who has been teaching for 22 years and knows what you are going through.

  • The mentoring will consider your individual needs and tailor the exercises for your level of experience.

  • You deserve the best.


There is no substitute for practical experience, and you are benefiting from mine.

Terms and conditions


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