Following a spiritual life is not for the fainthearted!

A spiritual life is one where you are blessed by living a life full of happiness and contentment, but walking a spiritual path is not something for wimps. It throws up all the things you have been ignoring or resisting.

It can be, at times, a rather rocky road, and at other times, a smooth path. Sometimes it helps to have a person take you by the hand and show you the way.

Being a successful businesswoman, gives a great boost to self-confidence. All the trappings are there, the car, the lovely home, plenty of money and life is good.

Well not necessarily. What if you are feeling that life is passing you by while you work? What is you have a sense that there must be something more to life than this? You have your personal coach for health and exercise, but have you considered your spiritual side?

At some point in their lives, women feel this call to explore this unknown part of themselves, to find what is missing. If this is you, then I want to talk to you because this is what I do. I empower women to find their deepest spiritual desires and live lives of fulfilment and joy.

My 6 week online course "Find Your Spiritual Badass" is starting in September. In it, I will help you find your life purpose, learn what keeps you on track and how to deal with roadblocks that throw you off course. By the end of the course you will have found the missing piece and be moving towards a happier and more fulfilled life.