I recently have had a lot to be grateful for. I have been working hard and getting to the stage where I need to step back a bit and regroup, because I need help. First, I found a couple of people who can help me with the bits I don’t know about, like how to get the best out of Social Media. Thank you.

My family is something I am always grateful for whether it is a video call so that my baby grandson can see us all the way from France, or a visit to the other half of the family who live locally. It lifts my spirits to see them.

I needed some help with branding and my lovely daughter in law has offered to help. I didn’t want to ask because I know how busy she is. Thank you.

I have been feeling a bit lost with a metaphysical problem, and not finding the sort of close connection and trust that I had with a close friend, who now lives in Spain, so I reached out to ask for her help. As ever, she put her finger on the point I needed to look at, and gave me the key to something else. Thank you.

So, no matter how your life is going just now, always be grateful for anything that goes right and the unexpected help the Universe gifts you. Thank you too for reading this.