Learning Reiki for yourself and others is great, but if you decide you really want to be able to pass this gift on to others – to teach Reiki - the next step may seem daunting.

Choosing who is worth your time and money when becoming a Reiki Master can be a nightmare.

It’s a big commitment in both time and money, and being nervous about making an expensive mistake is natural.



How do you know they are THE RIGHT ONE for you?

Do they know their stuff, and can they pass that on to you?

Is it a lineage you can be proud of and which your students will thank you for?


Will they just teach you how to teach but leave you without any backup or contact afterwards?


What do the top Reiki Masters know that others may not? Hint - it’s not just about symbols.

Becoming a fully trained Reiki Master is a process and it takes time. If you want to rush through it, then don’t read any further.

In learning Reiki mastery, you also learn

  • mastery in your life so that you live fully connected to the Universal Life force energy and it guides you every day, secure in the knowledge that you are following your dream


  • how to get rid of limiting beliefs that would otherwise hold you back from becoming a sought-out Reiki master of a high calibre



  • how to live life with purpose; using your skills to empower others


  • using energetic mastery to achieve what you want, and being a beacon that draws people to you who want to change their lives


If you are committed to your own growth, then become a Reiki master.

You will certainly learn and grow and it isn’t always easy.

If this is not for you – walk away now.


Just the other day, one of my students said “I am so grateful, you have really changed my life.”

I'm Jan Brown and I have been teaching Reiki since 1998 and have spent time learning even more, both with my Reiki Master and other Masters.


I take the opportunity to upgrade my knowledge regularly. I am an active member of the Reiki Association. I was formerly a member of the Reiki Alliance – an international group of masters that hold to the traditional way of teaching Reiki.

I trained to become a teaching Master because I saw the glow that people had when they had finished the class, and I wanted to be able to empower others in the same way.


I know my life changed when I did Reiki 1 way back in 1995, but it wasn’t until I saw the effect going to a class had on others, that I knew this was my calling; my life purpose – to teach Reiki.

I took three years training with my Master. Some take longer. It depends on where you start from.


It was not easy. Penelope kept me doing challenges and tasks, and because I desperately wanted to be able to teach others Reiki, and was scared of failing both her and myself, I worked really hard at completing them.


In the process I changed and understood my motivations and issues better. All this enabled me to teach from a clear space without filters.

I used my Reiki every day and still do. I used my tools – Reiki - to deal with situations that came up, and she supported and encouraged me every step of the way.


She still does. Our whole Reiki family offer support in many ways; sending Reiki to each other as needed. We are there for each other and in regular contact. If you want to be part of a group like that, then talk to me.


This is what I offer those who choose to train with me – an ongoing connection for the rest of our lives.

Someone who you can talk to when things are not going the way you would like, and who is a constant resource for you.


I will train you and not leave you feeling lost. I will answer all questions both during training and afterwards, as my Master does for me.

If this is what you want, talk to me.


What will you get if you train with me?

  • Three years of in-depth training during classes

  • A recognised Usui Shiki Ryoho lineage

  • Webinar coaching in between classes

  • Homework and challenges to complete

  • Master initiation, certificate, and training for you to teach and initiate students

  • Ongoing support for you afterwards. This kind of support is only available in traditional Usui Shiki Ryoho lineages. It’s the way we were trained.


One benefit of being well trained, is feeling confident when teaching. Experience in Reiki is essential when teaching class and that is why it takes time to be trained fully.

I am now opening up Master training for a select few. If you are thinking of becoming a Reiki Master, now is the time to talk to me to see if we are a good fit.


The time taken will be approximately three years. This is like a degree or apprenticeship.


I will expect you to create and host classes at which you will train. In addition, you will be required to do homework and self study.


Why settle for less when you can train with the best?


Choosing a Reiki Master is like choosing a life partner, so choose wisely.


If in-depth training, and on-going support afterwards is for you, we need to talk.


Having a knowledgeable and experienced Reiki Master to help you become a Master is essential.

I have been there, and I know it’s so much easier to teach if you have real training in

  • Organising a class

  • Holding the energy of the class

  • Knowing what support students need afterwards

  • Knowing how to deal with the unusual situations that occur in class or when they ask awkward questions

  • Knowing what to say to students if problems occur


The cost of all this training and ongoing support is

an agreed payment plan of 36 payments of £375


you can save £1,500 by paying £12,000 in full.


Further training beyond three years will incur additional costs.

If you are anything like me, you will have taken a sharp intake of breath at the price.


I did, and then I thought “Well if that’s the price I’ will just have to find it.” There was never any doubt in my mind about the fact that I wanted to do it, and that I was serious about training with a reputable master who knew what was needed.


I also knew by that time, that lineage was really important, and hers was impeccable, as yours will be.


My biggest problem came when I had to tell my husband what I planned to do. When asked if I was sure, the answer I gave was that I was just as sure as when I knew I wanted to marry him. And yes, I did manage to pay the $10,000 dollars required at that time (1998). In fact by the time I had finished my training, I realised that I what I had learned was worth far more than what I had paid.

You probably don’t know me well at this point, and I certainly don’t know you either, unless you are one of my students, so this is where having a conversation face to face or on-line via zoom, will help me decide If you are someone I can work with, and for you to decide if you want to work with me.

We need to feel energetically comfortable with each other for me to accept you as a Master candidate, and for you to accept me as your Reiki master at this level.


Let’s set up a meeting to find out. You can book your meeting here.

One of the best things about Mastery training is how it spins off into other areas of your life.


If your greatest desire is to become a Reiki master of a high calibre, then mine is to help you achieve your dream.

Choosing a Reiki Master to take you to mastery is like choosing a life partner, so choose wisely.